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Volume 9, Number 1: June 2014
By Journal of Integral Theory and Practice
This issue explores a wide range of topics and initiatives. The research articles focus on developmental assessments for leadership programs; the utility of integral frameworks in supporting graduate students; how to conduct "activist" research; and how consciousness is distributed across populations. The remainder of the issue features essays that explore the guiding principles of the integral vision.
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Published: 06-01-2014
Length: 187 Pages
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Table of Contents
Editorial Introduction 
– Sean Esbjörn-Hargens

Virtuous Cycles of Learning: Using Formative, Embedded, and Diagnostic Developmental Assessments in a Large-scale Leadership Program
– Zachary Stein, Theo Dawson, Zachary Van Rossum, Joel Rothaizer, and Sandra Hill

Conscious Cosmopolis: Bernard J.F. Lonergan’s Critical Realism as a  Complementary Approach to Integral Theory
– Neville Ann Kelly

An Integral Ontology of Addiction: A Multiple Object as a Continuum of Ontological Complexity
– Guy Pierre du Plessis

An Integral Model of Self-Care for Clinical Psychology Graduate Students  
– Jennifer Burkhart

Integral Sustainability of Alkali Pozzolan Cement: An Integral Theory Application  in Civil Engineering
– Chandana Kulasuriya, Priyan Dias, and Vanissorn Vimonsatit

In Search of the Centaur: An Integral View of Somatic Embodiment 
– Erica Knight

Values Consciousness of the Russian Populace After the Collapse of the Soviet Union
– Marina Gaskova

Integral Activist Epistemology: A Model for Researchers to Act on Personal Values 
– Kate McAlpine

Integral Service, Part 1: A Central Discipline for All Integral Practitioners
– Roger Walsh

Integral Service, Part 2: Integral Discipline, Karma Yoga, and Sacred Service
– Roger Walsh

The Buddha Awakening, Integral Expanding, and a Second Axial Age for Humanity
– Duane Elgin

Argumentum ad Wilberiam: How Truthiness and Overgeneralization Threaten to Turn Integral Theory into a New Scholasticism
– Elijah J. Petersen and M. Ellis Jaruzel II

The Integral City 2.0 Online Conference: A Fractal Non-Local Leap Toward Kosmocentricity
– Marilyn Hamilton and Beth Sanders

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