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*100% of all donations go directly to the Integral Planet Endowment and are tax deductible.
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*100% of all donations go directly to the Integral Planet Endowment and are tax deductible.
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Cultivate Integral Embodiment. Facilitate Integral Action.

At MetaIntegral Foundation we’re making a sincere and serious effort to scale the integral movement, achieve critical mass in our global society, and catalyze a tipping point in the evolution of humanity.

Our fragmented, materialist-minded world cries out for an integral planet. At this critical historical moment, we have a unique opportunity to have a profound and lasting impact.

We can make a difference if we think big and act boldly, and if we have a platform that allows us to work together as a global integral community!

So we created MetaIntegral.

Take a moment and feel your desire to be impactful.

Feel the gap between the world you envision and your power as an individual to bring it to fruition. Is it painful? Motivating? Is there anywhere else you’d rather be working?

Let your heart and mind be moved by the possibility, the opportunity to mobilize our resources and tap our collective power as practitioners—and take action!

Every dollar you donate is tax-deductible and directly supports the initiative(s) you target.

Let’s share in a great adventure as we celebrate and accelerate the movement toward an integral planet!


The Future of Leadership for Conscious Capitalism

By: Barrett C. Brown

“This whitepaper is an immensely important work that every leader committed to Conscious Capitalism should engage in. It clearly shows who we need to become in order to create a prosperous future for our companies and the world. This is advanced leadership that will enable us to thrive in tomorrow’s complexity and rapid change. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to take their leadership – and their impact – to the next level.”

- John Mackey, Co-CEO, Whole Foods

The Big Idea in 336 Words

We’ve never experienced a more demanding, fast-paced and complex leadership environment.

To thrive as an organization in the 21st-century marketplace – and execute on the vision of Conscious Capitalism – requires unprecedented leadership capacity and delivery. Most leaders are in over their heads in the face of today’s challenges, unable to adapt and evolve quickly enough. Many are failing as a result.

This white paper first discusses the new science of vertical learning and its central role in scaling and embedding Conscious Capitalism. Harvard’s Robert Kegan contends that vertical learning catalyzes a quantum increase in mental complexity. This radically improves a leader’s ability to navigate today’s highly complex, ambiguous, and rapidly changing context, and cascade those new skills into the entire organization.

Vertical learning has proven to unlock powerful yet latent mental, emotional, and relational capacities that make leaders more effective across a variety of mission-critical domains. These include improved strategic and systemic thinking, change leadership, stakeholder relationship development, and conflict management.

Vertical learning is a needed piece of the puzzle to achieve the promise of Conscious Capitalism. It uniquely cultivates the “consciousness” in Conscious Capitalism. Developed at Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and other world-class institutions, it has become central to leadership and high-performance development. Today it is used within the elite US military and intelligence communities, with Olympic and extreme athletes, and in a growing number of leading organizations.

The second half of the paper describes the practices and perspectives of organizational leaders who have accomplished considerable growth through vertical learning. They are among the top 5% of leaders that have developed crucial mental and emotional capacities required to lead complex change.

Studies show that leaders like these who undergo significant vertical learning are far more likely to generate the organizational transformation required for high-impact, large-scale Conscious Capitalism. These individuals represent the future of leadership for Conscious Capitalism.

The paper concludes with 14 evidence-based and experimental practices you can do to accelerate your own and others’ deep development, and provides considerable support resources to do so.

**Click here to download the white paper**