Consulting Services

Access the world's leading consortium of Integral coaches and consultants. Deliver lasting change to your organization.


Project Consulting

Providing Engaged Counsel

Our Associates have a wide range of experience and backgrounds in organizational, developmental, and professional contexts. We specialize in the use of integral techniques and approaches at various scales. Let us help you and your initiative today. Learn More ►

In-House Trainings

Delivering Fully-Baked Designs

Our Associates offer a wide range of trainings that they can provide in-house. We also design tailor made programs and curriculum to serve your integral needs. There is nothing more beautiful than an integral design. Learn More ►

Group Coaching

Facilitating Collective Integration

One of the areas we are pioneering is integral approaches to group coaching. We have taken the power of Integral Coaching for individuals and expanded it to serve groups. Experience team work like never before. Learn More ►