Nobody knows more than MetaIntegral when it comes to delivering the best practices of integral enactment with embodied depth and systems-of-systems complexity.


Individual Coaching

Catalyzing Individual Growth

Our Associates are catalysts for your own growth. They guide you in both horizontal integration and vertical development. Our coaching can support you with personal or professional topics. Experience integral transformation today. Learn More ►

Individual Mentoring

Facilitating Individual Knowledge

Our Associates are transmitters of integral expertise facilitating your own knowledge. They guide you in both the theory and the practice of integral knowledge. Our mentoring can support you with specific projects or general questions. Experience integral insight today. Learn More ►

Embodied Practitioner Package

Being Integral Doing

This package is a combination of the coaching and mentoring described above where a participant receives coaching one week and mentoring the next week and the Associate provides powerful links between the deep coaching work and the pragmatic mentoring work. Learn More ►

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