Embodied Practitioner Certification

The Embodied Practitioner Certification (EPC) Program

A New World is Emerging and it is Demanding a New Human

As the world becomes more complex, we are increasingly confronted with the inadequacy of conventional approaches to our problems. From local issues like school reform, to national issues like healthcare access, to global issue like climate change: challenges at all levels seem to defy resolution.

It’s clear that today’s challenges are asking something different from us. What is needed is a new human being with newly emerging inner and outer capacities — an integral human being.  Someone who:

  • is a competent professional committed to relentlessly confronting their own areas of relative incompetence
  • is able to stay present to their self, others and what is happening in our world today
  • has nuanced interpersonal awareness as well as the capacity for complex systems analysis
  • is deeply self-reflective (inward focused) while also being committed to addressing the injustices inflicted on others (outward focused)
  • draws on their capacity for deep silence in order to keep their eyes and heart open in the face of difficulty and chaos

Imagine how things could be if there was a critical mass of change leaders with these qualities. Change leaders would be able to navigate psychological, cultural, religious and political differences more effectively. Burn-out would yield to new depths of energy and resourcefulness. The universe of possible solutions for any problem would be greatly expanded, and more of the deeper potential of humanity would be realised.

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The World Needs a New Model for Change Leadership

Inspired by this vision, we created a one-of-a-kind leadership program based on a new model for change leadership. We call it the Embodied Practitioner Certification (EPC) program, and we believe it has an important contribution to make to creating and nurturing a new generation of change leaders. This vision of a new kind of change leader was much in our hearts and minds when we started MetaIntegral Academy. We believe the future of the planet depends on the emergence of a new type of change leader, one who has a very different relationship to themselves, others, and the world.

EPC is a comprehensive, in-depth and rigorous nine-month leader development program. It gives you the tools, methods, practices, and mentoring you need to develop and execute a project that reflects your passion and talents, one that you can lead from a more embodied level of development to have a new kind of impact on the world.

EPC is the first ever professional certification focused on integral project leadership. Our goal is to develop leaders and projects that are up to the complex challenges facing the world today. Our approach supports your development toward the embodied worldcentric action required to develop a project with impact.

We want to teach, train, and inspire you to become the embodiment of human development, so that your action fully inhabits a worldcentric perspective and your leadership is truly up to the great challenges our planet faces. And we want to give you tools, methods, and mentoring to help you develop a project that reflects your passion and talents, one that you can lead from a more embodied level of development to have a new kind of impact in the world.

EPC is a three level program.  The nine month program includes three five day in-person seminars, graduate level academic study, deep personal development, professional skills development, creation of a project with real world application, and lots of individual coaching - all aimed to support you in the project of your choice.

Some of the things that make this program unique and valuable:

  • Retreat + Academic + Professional: The program combines core elements of a long-term retreat, a graduate level academic program, and professional training in an unprecedented way
  • Incubator Environment: The program is strongly oriented to helping participants become change leaders through enacting a project. Each participant works on a project, an idea for something they want to manifest in the world, and we support them in giving form to that project
  • Professional Application: The program provides the most sophisticated support, resources, experience, and network of contacts for participants to successfully develop their project
  • Meta-Methodologies: The program trains you in applying integral meta-lenses such as TetraDynamics and PolarityDynamics and trains you to use integral meta-practices such as Action Inquiry and Voice Inquiry.
  • Personal Mentoring and Support: Participants have regular mentoring sessions with a teacher to support their personal and professional development
  • Wide and Deep Embodiment: The program places participants’ reflective awareness and embodiment at the center of the training. This is key to creating a healthy, sustainable relationship to the change process.
  • Rigorous Developmental Testing: Participants will go through a rigorous developmental testing process to measure and assess their growth during the program. No other program does as much testing to ensure in measurable ways that participants are developing to meet the participants and program’s goals.


What EPC Can Do for You

These features combine to create a unique human development and project-based leadership training. If you are engaged in making change in the world, and if you are looking for ways to be not only more effective but more engaged and motivated, then EPC could be just the program for you.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Learn new frameworks for understanding the world and how it is evolving that reveal untapped human potential
  • Accelerate your personal development to bring new cognitive, self-reflective, emotional, and somatic capacities online
  • Understand the true nature of “activist burnout” and develop a new, more equanimous relationship with what you are trying to change in the world
  • Get support for developing and giving form to an idea or project that you want to bring into the world
  • Become part of a growing community of change leaders who are grounded in a model of change leadership that is truly up to the world’s challenges
  • Deepen and expand your interpersonal and leadership capacities in service of deep impact


What EPC Students Are Saying


Comments from the first cohort of the Level 1 program that ended in January 2014:


Meet the Faculty

If you're wondering what it's like to work with the faculty here's a short video of the faculty in action.


How to register

EPC is an innovative and integrative nine-month program that includes:

  • 15 full days of instruction (i.e., three 5-day seminars) with leading experts in integral embodiment and application
  • Six 1-hour phone or Skype coaching sessions (3 between each seminar week) with a qualified integral mentor
  • A professionally scored Sentence Completion Test (SCT) or a professionally scored Leadership Decision Making Assessment (LDMA) or a Growth Edge interview. You will use the results to deepen your personal inquiry and professional effectiveness.
  • All binder materials and resources provided throughout the year (e.g. a spiralbound copy of the TetraDynamics Handbook).
  • Access to an immense network of the world's leading integral professionals in dozens of fields
  • Support and coaching in developing your project

Typically when MetaIntegral designs an extended leadership development program for multinational companies it is $25,000 to $30,000 per participant. We are committed to democratising the advanced transformational technology we bring to corporate clients. By privately subsidising this program we are able to offer it at a significantly lower price.

Below is a summary of the pricing for the program. All prices include tuition, meals and lodging.


Early Bird Registration

(before January 12, 2016)

Single Payment

$10,690 (AUD ex GST)


Regular Registration

Single Payment

$12,600 (AUD  ex GST)

Payment Plan

6 * $2,200 (AUD ex GST)

Payment options.
Electronic transfer to MetaIntegral BSB 012096 Acc. No. 393346781  
Or please add 3% for Visa, Paypal etc. fees and use the form below

EPC 2016 - 2017


Need Help Registering?

Please contact us at kariking@metaintegralacademy.com if you have questions or need help with registration. 

Still Have Questions? Talk with the Faculty

If you are a change leader or aspire to be one—at any level, local to global—we invite you to find out how the Embodied Practitioner Certification program can help you transform, energise and accelerate what you are doing now to a whole new level of both effectiveness in the world and deeper personal satisfaction.

We encourage you to arrange a one-on-one phone or video conversation with one of the faculty and/or mentors. You'll be able to ask more personalised questions and also get to know us. To schedule a call, please contact us at kariking@metaintegralacademy.com.

Wondering What EPC is Like? Experience a Taste for Free

In October 2014, we presented a live free 4-session mini-course to showcase some of the key frameworks and practices used in the EPC program. We called it...

Vital Skills for Thriving in a Wild, Complex World

A Free Online Mini-Course for Change Leaders

Over 600 people signed up for the course and now you can get free access to all of the recordings, plus supplementary materials. This is a great way to get a taste of what we teach in the course and also get to know the faculty.


About the Faculty

Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, Ph.D. is the founding CEO of MetaIntegral. He is one of the world’s leading experts on Integral Theory and its application. Building on the vision of American Philosopher Ken Wilber, he has played a significant role in creating the field of Integral Theory. Sean is a leading “scholar-practitioner” in integral studies and has published many articles on applying the integral model to a wide range of topics, including education, ecology, sustainable development, the science and religion debate, and consciousness studies.

Dana Carman is an expert in human and organisational transformation. Since 1984 Dana has worked as a senior advisor, consultant and executive coach to leaders of more than 200 visionary organisations on five continents. His clients include multi-nationals, small and mid-sized market leaders, governments and NGO’s that are committed to making a significant impact nationally, regionally and globally. For well over two decades Dana has brought an Integral Whole Systems Approach to complex organisational change.

Jesse McKay majored in psychology, has an MBA in corporate strategy, and trained in software design, development and architecture.  He has worked as an engineer on command and monitoring systems for the International Space Station, and as a management consultant helping leaders achieve greater impact through improved management on the individual, team and organisational levels.  Jesse has a broad inter-cultural background with professional engagements in Russia, Germany, Ethiopia, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Korea, Estonia and Canada.

Assistant faculty and mentors

Lisa Norton is inspired by integrative designing practices that create the conditions for flourishing and inclusive cultures. Responding consciously to the complexity of our world expands both the responsibility and the potential influence of professional designers. As Professor of Design Leadership at Parsons School of Design Strategies, Lisa emphasises the fundamental role of conscious embodied awareness in designing collaboratively for the emergence of relationships, systems, services, structures, and organisations that care for life.

Triinu Groon is a Business Development leader for MetaIntegral Brasil. Estonian by nationality, she has lived in Brazil for the last 10 years. Graduated in business administration, received her masters degree in Estonia and a MBA degree in Brazil. Triinu has a professional experience in sustainable development and HR/people development, mostly working in large companies, such as ABN AMRO and Natura Cosmeticos. Since 2015 Triinu is part of the MetaIntegral team in Brazil.

Bart de Backker, specialises in executive coaching, organisational change, strategy consulting, integral leadership development, corporate training, and facilitation. Bart coaches senior executives who aim for higher efficacy in today’s complex, volatile and uncertain business climate. As an organisational change agent, he applies an integral-informed methodology to establish new ways-of-working and next-level leadership. His strategic and operational consultancy work integrates structures and systems, individuals and cultures, behaviours and performance.

Dr Simon Divecha has extensive business, government and NGO expertise in leadership and CEO positions. In particular, these are in leading change to deliver health, climate change and sustainability success. Simon specialises in applying integral and meta theory for practical impact and has a depth of experience across multiple sectors. This includes advising large multinational's senior management (such as IAG), international fora and multilateral institutions (such as APEC) as well as applying this to enable transformational solutions (e.g, Health sectors).

Dr Jörg Strobel is a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist with Country Health South Australia, Australia. He has a particular interest in patient empowerment, self-management and population health. He has a strong belief in the human capacity to overcome adversity and is championing recovery-oriented work. Jörg’s decision to specialise in psychiatry was based on a commitment to social justice and inclusion which also informs his interests outside of work and in integral spaces. 

Simon and Jorg are the core team bringing EPC to Australia and, along with Lisa, Trii and Bart, are mentors for the current EPC program.

Program Details

The program is structured as follows: There are three 5-day, in person, seminars spread out across the year. Between the seminars, you receive extensive coaching and mentoring to support your leadership development and project application efforts. You come with a project you are passionate about and want to apply integral principles to for the year. Note: when you register for the program you can elect to have a 1-hour call with Sean Esbjörn-Hargens to discuss your project.

What’s Included:

  • 15 full days of instruction (i.e., three 5-day seminars) with leading experts in integral embodiment and application.
  • Six or more coaching and mentoring sessions by videos, at least 3 with a certified integral coaches.
  • 2 immersive integration periods with group (communities of practice) applying and deepening the experiential, practical and theory learning. These periods feature structured, hosted and facilitated and self/collectively authored activities.
  • A professionally scored Sentence Completion Test (SCT); or, a professionally scored Leadership Decision Making Assessment (LDMA); or, a Growth Edge Interview (GEI) - please discuss, with us, which is best suited to your needs.
  • All materials and resources provided throughout the year (e.g. the TetraDynamics Handbook).
  • Access to an immense network of the world's leading integral professionals in dozens of fields.


  • Retreat 1: 28 March 2017, 6pm to 2 April 2017, 4pm Tara Hills (South Australia)
  • Retreat 2: 25 July 2017, 6pm  to 30 July 2017, 4pm Tara Hills (South Australia) 
  • Retreat 3: November 2017, Tara Hills (South Australia) 

Tara Hills is in the Adelaide Hills - 45 to 60 minutes (drive) from Adelaide airport.

To reduce lodging and meal costs for participants and to create a more intimate setting we have chosen to have the three 5-day seminars at affordable centres with airport access. The centres are located with access to walking, hiking and/or cycle trails through the bush and Australian landscape. These are ideal place to bring theory and practice together and go deep together as a cohort of embodied practitioners.

Most rooms are single occupancy bedrooms and couples can be catered for. Linen, bedding and towels are provided.

The food is vegetarian with local ingredients as the inspiration for cooking and include luscious organic fruits and vegetables dairy products and extraordinary cheeses. There is an effort to source organic produce from local farmers. Chefs draws upon flavours and techniques from around the world to create a diverse cuisine.

Refund Policy

1. Requests received no later than October 8, 2016:

  • If you cancel within 30 days of registration we will issue a full refund for payments made. If you paid with a payment plan, we’ll also cancel the remaining payments on that plan.
  • If you cancel after 30 days of registration we will issue a refund for all payments made minus a cancellation fee of $1,000. If you paid with a payment plan, we’ll also cancel the remaining payments on that plan.

2. No refunds after October 8, 2016

3. Requests for refunds must be submitted via email to epc@metaintegral.com


For More Information...

The best way to find out more about the program is to register for free above to watch the live presentation. You can also email us at kariking@metaintegralacademy.com and set up a time to talk with one of the faculty.

Help Us Spread the Word!

You almost certainly have family, friends or colleagues who are engaged in making some kind of change in the world. Could the Embodied Practitioner Certification program help them become more effective? Let them know about this free live video presentation so they can find out for themselves. Here's the link to send them to: metaintegral.com/epcThank you for spreading the word about this great program!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure what my project would be. Do I have to have one clearly defined in order to qualify?

It's helpful to have your project concept defined before the program starts as this will allow you more time to develop it during the program. But it's definitely not a requirement. We ask that you come in with at least a general concept, then we can help you develop it into a project.

My project concept is fairly small scale; it doesn't have global or even national impact. Is that okay? 

Absolutely! Change occurs at all scales and often large scale change happens as a result of something that started on a small scale. So we welcome project concepts of all sizes.

I feel that I'm called to make change in the world but I'm pretty young and don't have much experience. Would this program be too advanced for me?

EPC is for anyone who wants to embody the kind of change leadership that the world increasingly needs. It's for people who are veterans and want to deepen their commitment and effectiveness, and it's for young, emerging change leaders who want a training program that will get them started on the right path.

How is EPC different from other training programs?

There are many programs that offer training for people who want to make change in the world. Most of these programs have a particular focus that is the program's strength. But they also have a bias toward the importance of that focus that leaves the program weak in other areas. For example, some programs are quite good at teaching community organizing skills, but they do not focus on participants' personal development, which can leave participants underprepared to handle the emotional complexities of community work. EPC is unique for at least three reasons:

  • The program was designed according to the principles of Integral Theory so it is very comprehensive. It works with all dimensions of being human.
  • The program is explicitly developmental. It is more than "bolting on" skillsets, it is helping people to transform themselves and acquire the capacities needed to lead change in the 21st century.
  • The program is project oriented. There is academic study, there is personal development work, but everyone also creates a project in which all the learning and development can be applied in an immediate and practical way.



Level 1 is called "The Path of Presence and Skilful Action" and is represented by our Silver Star. In this year-long training you will learn to work with integral frameworks and a developmental model. You will apply these to an actual project you are working on during the year. During that time you will receive mentorship that supports you to be aware of your somatic, emotional, and cognitive experiences and how to link them powerfully to skilful action. At the end of the program you will present your project to the rest of the cohort and highlight the role Presence and Skilful Action played in your engagement over the year.


Level 2 is called "The Path of Essence and Integral Impact" and is represented by our Gold Star. In this year-long training you will learn to work with additional integral frameworks and another developmental model - thus you will be building on the ones you used in Level 1. For a year you will apply these frameworks and models to either the same project you worked on in Level 1 or a completely new one - it is up to you. During that time you will receive mentorship that focuses on you being able to tap into your personal Essence and the subtle fields of energy around you and to do so in a way that amplifies your capacity to deliver integral impact in the context of your project. At the end of the program, as you did previously, you will present your project to the rest of the cohort with an emphasis on the role of Essence and its relationship to obtaining Integral Impact not just on the people or projects but on the larger fields of reality surrounding the project.



Level 3 is called "The Path of Co-arising and Enactment" and is represented by our Black Star. In this final year of training you will add additional integral frameworks and developmental models to your expertise. In total you will complete your full Embodied Practitioner Certification being well versed in at least integral lenses (10 frameworks and 3 developmental models). As with Level 2 you can either continue to apply your new integral lenses to a project you worked on in either Level 1 or Level 2, or you can choose an entirely new project to focus on. Over the year you will receive specialized mentorship that supports you to cultivate profound qualities of being that place you in direct contact with the co-arising nature of all phenomena and how you can leverage that experience to enact integral realities that serve the flourishing of aliveness for all beings. As with the prior two levels you will be presenting the results and insights from the year at the end of the program and this will be done in a rich field of pure timeless potential. In fact, this whole last year is really focusing on being an "involutionary" and learning how to hang out on the edge of what is emerging and being a vehicle for that.