Obtain eye-opening integral analysis of your business — operations, strategy, marketing & sales, and human capital — to identify key leverage points for innovation and value creation.

Mi Analytics

Assessing Multiple Dimensions

We are currently developing a number of unprecedented and powerful analytics to help us assess a variety of integral factors for our clients. These assessments help us see more of reality and therefore include more of it in our solution building and design efforts, which in turn makes our efforts more sustainable. Learn More ►

Mi 360°

Viewing Lived Complexity

The value of a good 360 assessment is well understood. The value of an integral 360 cannot be overstated - it is revolutionary. A number of our Associates are combining their experience of working with 360's and developing a robust version that is exquisite in its ability to view the lived complexity of people in context. Learn More ►


Lectical Integral Model Assessment

Understanding Integral Understandings

For the last three years we have been developing a new psychometric that allows us to measure how individuals make sense of and apply the integral distinctions of quadrants and levels. Take the LIMA today to understand your own integral understandings. Learn More ►

Emotional Development Assessment

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Current assessments of EQ haphazardly mix horizontal and vertical capacities. We are committed to raising the capital and building an "A team" of psychometricians to develop and validate a new assessment of emotional development over the next 5 - 10 years. Learn More ►


Psychograph Services

Assessing Developmental Lines

We are currently creating different ways that individuals can obtain a psychograph of 3-6 different lines of development. We also provide a number of sociograph assessments for organizations to assess themselves on multiple lines of development in various contexts. Learn More ►

Mi Dynamics

Harnessing Integral Perspectives

We have taken the core elements of Integral Theory and analyzed them in order to identify the meta-principles associated with each one. Together each set of dynamics represents groundbreaking insight into the power and value of Integral Theory's core elements. Learn More ►



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