MI Dynamics

Mi Dynamics

Harnessing Integral Perspectives


Leaders and organizations will increasingly flock to metadisciplinary frameworks like Integral Theory.

Why? Because multidisciplinary thinking is a critical skill for solving complex problems in an interconnected world, and you can’t do multidisciplinary thinking without a metadisciplinary framework—at least not very well!

Obtain detailed, multi-layered integral analysis of your products and services to identify key leverage points for intervention and opportunity.

Become a Master of Integration

At MetaIntegral Associates we’re taking multidisciplinary thinking to a whole new level. We took the five core elements of Integral Theory—quadrants, levels, lines, states, and types—and did a meta-analysis of each of them to discover the meta-principles that govern them. Then we developed a systematic way to apply these powerful conceptual lenses to complex problems of leadership and organizational life.

Solving problems is just the beginning. We're thinking of Peter Drucker's famous quote, "Don't solve problems. Pursue opportunities." That advice is truer than ever in our rapidly changing, information-rich world. But, how to ride the wave of change? How to leverage all that data? Applying an integral framework is how. Using even the most basic integral approach is invaluable; it helps you get the big picture and spot key patterns that cut across your organization and our dynamic global world. Our unique meta-integral approach goes one step further, giving you the high-level perspective to spot opportunities and the ground-level traction to seize them.

The result of this thinking is our Mi Dynamics series, a supreme set of tools for leaders to seize opportunity, meet the challenge of complexity, and unleash the power of integration in their organization:


TetraDynamics is a meta-analysis of Integral Theory’s four quadrants.

With 95 different quadrant diagrams to explore, you will develop a whole new understanding of this foundational element of integral practice:

  • Discern the multifaceted relationships between the quadrants
  • Learn the value of different analytical sequences of quadrants
  • Discover what makes the quadrants so powerful and useful
  • Explore how different authors have “discovered” the quadrants
  • Understand how to include more of reality in a pragmatic way
  • Develop an inclusive way of seeing the world.

TetraDynamics is a groundbreaking expansion of Integral Theory that will serve integral practitioners and integral organizations alike.

SpectrumDynamics is a meta-analysis of levels within all four quadrants.

Now for the first time the meta-principles of development are distilled and operationalized for application within a wide range of contexts:

  • Discover the ways various lines of development relate to each other
  • Understand what drives development in various circumstances
  • Develop clarity around the barriers to development
  • Explore how development can be amplified and directed
  • Learn about stages, structures, and waves of development
  • Cultivate a developmental way of seeing the world.

SpectrumDynamics is a powerful presentation of the meta-principles of development that will enable transformation in individuals and collectives.

EnergyDynamics is a meta-analysis of states in all four quadrants.

Never before have states been so thoroughly explored, mapped, and understood as they are here:

  • Explore the ways states shift and morph into each other
  • Understand what makes a state different than a stage
  • Discover what makes states so valuable to development
  • Learn about various kinds of states and what distinguishes them
  • Comprehend how to work with states in a compelling way
  • Develop a fluid way of seeing the world.

EnergyDynamics is an illuminating overview of the role that states play in every facet of our lives: personally and organizationally.

PatternDynamics™ (PD) is an Integral Typology that facilitates horizontal health.

It functions as an Integral Sustainability Pattern Language for understanding, communicating and designing solutions to complex systems challenges.

  • Gain a powerful new capacity as a 'perspectival systems thinker'
  • Learn to create 'Cultures of Sustainability'
  • Facilitate 'Deep Sustainability Design' that has long-lasting impact
  • Resolve power issues by shifting conversations to the systems level
  • Learn an engaging embodied participatory workshop process
  • Use an organizational development tool that engenders planetary culture.

PatternDynamics™ is a planetary social enterprise forming a global community of practice.

Want to harness the power of integral perspective through Mi Dynamics? Take a 12-week course on TetraDynamics and develop skill and knowledge in the top 10 ways to apply quadrants. Your course registration includes a free download of the complete TetraDynamics Handbook. SpectrumDynamics and EnergyDynamics are currently in development and being tested in a variety of applications so please stay tuned. PatternDynamics has been fully developed by Mi Associate Tim Winton and can be engaged through Tim’s own PatternDynamics company.

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